Inbox Design's SchoolBridge is a collection of tools that help connect your school's community. SchoolBridge helps your students, staff, caregivers and leadership team in sharing information and meeting administrative obligations, all based on the KAMAR data you already have.

SchoolBridge Features

SchoolBridge Share
Publish documents and information to specific audiences in your school's community.

SchoolBridge Health & Safety
Make the process of tracking and logging safety issues paperless and effortless. Automate reminders to keep your team on track.

SchoolBridge Permission Slips
No more lost permission slips! Take permission slips online and get confirmations from caregivers securely via their KAMAR credentials.

SchoolBridge Requests
Receive and approve resource and education out of the school requests from your staff.

SchoolBridge Meetings
Schedule meetings and individual conferences between any of your schools groups.

SchoolBridge Evaluations
Set and track self evaluation goals for your staff.