Site Extras Overview

Site Extras give your site extra functionalities including: e-newsletters, ticket sales, event ticket sales, sport and activity registrations, uniform and general e-commerce sales, reunion event ticketing and job vacancies.

The E-Newsletters Extra leverages your sites news section to generate newsletters that get sent you your important audiences so you only have to enter the content once. Newsletters are sent via MailChimp to give you useful statistics about your readership and your mailing list is synced with your KAMAR contacts.

Sport & Activity Registrations
The Activity Registrations Extra allows your school to effortlessly organise registrations for sport teams or other activities. Create any number activities and set which year levels can register for which activity. Caregivers are notified via email or TXT message when students request to join an activity and can give permission on-line after agreeing to the activity's terms and conditions. Activity fees can also be setup to be paid online. All student and caregiver information is checked against your existing KAMAR data, so no extra work is required to connect with your community.

For general event ticketing, the E-Tickets Extra allows you to create events, set limits on attendance, set multiple pricing levels and track sales with detailed reporting. All purchases can be done online as well as offering the option of paying in person. Sales can also be vetted against running balances in KAMAR. The E-Tickets Extra also includes support for a mobile app that scans attendee’s tickets at the event for attendance tracking.

The eCommerce Extra allows your website to sell uniforms, stationary or anything else. Features include full online payments, inventory tracking and endless flexibility in adding products, product options and multiple 'shops'.

Job Vacancies
The Job Vacancies Extra is a full-featured tool that allow your school to post vacancies including detailed job descriptions, qualification requirements and automatic posting to other job listing sites. Prospective job candidates can apply for the jobs you post directly on your website using a ministry of education approved online application form, and attach a CV and cover letter, all of which gets saved in a private database of applicants.

Reunion Events
This site extra allows your school to sell tickets to reunion events. It also allows the ability to sell commemorative gifts and event options to each ticket purchaser.

Community Education Site Extra
The Community Education Extra allows your school to organise and host community education courses to the general public. You can define an unlimited number of course categories and courses, set attendance limits, as well as attach instructor profiles to each course. Once created, your courses are automatically displayed on your website where visitors can browse through course offerings and register. Registration and payments are handled on-line through a secure payment gateway. Full reporting is available, exporting class roles and well as revenue exporting to Excel and Xero.