E-Newsletters Extra

The E-Newsletters Extra leverages your sites news section to generate newsletters that get sent you your important audiences so you only have to enter the content once. Newsletters are sent via MailChimp to give you useful statistics about your readership and your mailing list is synced with your KAMAR contacts.

Getting Started

From the main menu click SITE EXTRAS > E-Newsletters. From here you will see a list of newsletter that have been sent or are currently in draft mode. Newsletter that have been sent can be viewed by clicking 'View' in the action column. Newsletters that are in draft mode have not been sent yet and are still able to be edited.

To view statistics about sent newsletters, click the 'MailChimp Login' button. This will take you to the MailChimp website and you will need your MailChimp login and password to login. Once you log in, click on the 'Reports' link in the main menu. Here you can browse detailed statistics for each newsletter that has been sent (MailChimp refers to individual newsletters as Campaigns).

To view a report for a specific newsletter, click 'View Report' to the right of the newsletter you are interested in. The reports show you how many people received the email, how many emails 'bounced' (didn't arrive) and what links were clicked and lots of other details.

Creating a Newsletter

Creating a new newsletter is an easy 3-Step process. Before you get started, make sure that your site's news section is up-to-date and contains all the information that you wish to include in the newsletter. The reason for this is that in Step 2 below you will be able to simply tick the articles you want to include in the the newsletter

Step 1: Basic Settings

Here we set some simple settings that

Subject Line
This is the text that will display as the subject of the email that your subscribers will receive. Generally its good idea to decide on a format that will help you keep things organised use and keep this format going forward. Something like 'Our School News - 13 September 2019'

Choose Mailing list
Generally you want to choose the list with the most members.

This is a brief summary of the newsletter that will appear in the recipient's email inbox. An example would be something like, 'Important News from Our School'.

Once you've set these, click 'Save and Continue to Step 2'

Step 2: Adding your Content

Next we choose the content we want to be included in the newsletter.

This is carried over from Step 1, but you can change this if needed.

This simply shows the mailing list you have chosen in Step 1. If you need to change this you will need to create a new newsletter.

This is carried over from Step 1, but you can change this if needed.

KAMAR Events
If you use the KAMAR calendar, you can include a list of upcoming events by clicking into the date chooser and choosing a range of dates. Whatever events that you have created in KAMAR will appear as a clickable list in your newsletter. Make sure the tick box is ticked before you click 'Save and Continue to Step 3'.

Attach Content
Here you will see a tick-able list of the latest content added to your site. Typically the first items that you see n the list will be the latest articles that you have added to your site's news section. Click the box next to the news articles to have it included in the newsletter. If the news article includes a photo this will get automatically added to the newsletter. If the article includes a photo gallery or video, links will automatically created linking to these.

Newsletter Composer
The newsletter composer is a text editor just like the one used in the site tools area to create and edit the content of your site. When you look at the editor you will see two place holder tags: {attach_pages} and {calendar}. When your newsletter is built, {attach_pages} will be replaced with whichever news articles you have chosen in Attach Content above. Likewise the {calendar} tag will be replaced with all of the events from your calendar that fall within the date range you have chosen in the KAMAR Events

In addition to the automatic inclusion of content, you can also take advantage of the editor to add additional content that will be included only in the newsletter. For example this could be used to include a 'Word from the Principle'.

Step 3 Testing and Sending

Once you are finished setting your newsletter's content, click 'Save and Continue to Step 3'. Here you will see a preview of your newsletter and you have the option to send a test email to your own email account. It is a VERY GOOD IDEA to test your email on a few devices to make sure there are no formating problems.

Once you are satisfied with the tests, you can click the send button and your newsletter will be sent to your entire mailing list.