Manage Site Content

From this page you can manage all of your sites content. Click 'All content' to view a list of all of your of you content, or focus on a single section of your site by clicking the titles listed under Site Sections.

  • Primary Pages' are pages that show in your sites navigation.

  • 'Orphan Pages' are pages that do not show in your sites navigation.

  • Use the search field to search your site's content by title or key word.

  • To create a new page click the 'Create New Page' button.

  • To edit an existing page click the edit button.

Deleting a Page

To delete a page you must first set it's status to 'inactive'. Then the 'Delete Permanently' option is available. Please be aware that you cannot delete a page if it has children pages.

Editing Pages

Preview - Loads content the content in a new tab (window) of your browser so you can preview how the content on your live site. Click "Edit Page' to return the editing. Previewing does NOT save your changes.

Save - Clicking save saves the changes you have made you you content and makes them viewable to visitors of your site.

Setting Menu Order

There are two settings that effect where a page gets placed in the site main navigation.

Navigation Title
This section allows you to change the title of you content as it appears in your site's menu (Navigation Title). You can also change where the page is placed in structure of your site's menu by changing the

Menu Placement
Change this value to change the page's parent. To make the page display as a main item in your site's navigation, set the parent to 'Main Navigation'. You can also remove the page from your sites navigation altogether by choosing 'Orphan'.

If the template for your page supports extra images you can choose these in this section.

SEO Settings
Choose the view template for the page using the 'Template' option. Changing the temple can result in data loss so only do this if you need to.

External URL
To have the menu item that this page content creates in your sites menu point to a different location, paste a url in to the this field.

Custom Data
If the selected page template has extra fields, these may be edited here.

This section provides some statistical information about the content and also provides access to the last three versions (edits) of the content. To restore an older version of the the content, click the 'restore' button. Older versions are organised by date.

Page Content
This is your page's content. Pasting text into the editor view from Word or Google Docs will preserve formatting and extra styles can be applied using tool-bar.